Claimant Credit Hire Involving Taxis

DBTR Legal Services offers claimants a cost effective way of recovering damages in taxi credit hire cases. DBTR has a wealth of experience in representing Claimants when their own taxi has been involved in a non-fault accident requiring a replacement taxi to be hired.

We represent Claimants based all over England who have had to hire a replacement taxi when their own taxi has needs repairing or is written off.

Darren Bartlett is a barrister that has a particular interest and expertise in this area and he will take the lead in each and every case. He still regularly represents Defendant insurers so has an excellent understanding of the arguments on both sides. This enables him to anticipate the Defendant’s arguments likely to be raised in court and therefore ensure that the recovery is maximised.

Darren deliberately does not have a high case load that he litigates. He reviews each and every case thoroughly before issuing any claim. By vetting the claims early in the process he has an excellent track record of maximising recovery for clients. There is nothing worse than a good case being lost, or damages being significantly reduced, by inadequate preparation of the case before it reaches court. Darren sees this regularly in court. It is normally as a result of solicitors, frankly, having too high a case load and therefore not having time to prepare their case properly. The ‘stack it high, sell it low’ approach is not one which DBTR subscribes to.

DBTR believes that having a barrister involved before the claim is even issued and then throughout the claim is invaluable. By front loading the work, which many firms of solicitors are unable to do due to the high number of litigated cases they work with, the claim starts off on the right foot and remains on the front foot.

If you have hired a replacement taxi, or are a credit hire provider and would like to speak with Darren about helping your clients, then he would be pleased to hear from you to see how DBTR can assist. We, regrettably, are unable to assist where there is a outstanding personal injury claim.

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